Meet ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan’s New Girlfriend

That’s right ladies, ‘Teen Mom’ stud Ryan Edwards is now taken! Lets all cry for a quick minute… and we’re done. Ryan Edwards has been on the single/dating scene for quite a while now, ever since his rough break up from Dalis Connell last year. Who by the way claims that Ryan cheated on her while she was visiting her dying mother in the hospital! Yikes.


However it looks like Ryan has finally moved on into another serious relationship with a lovely brunette named Shelby Woods. Things seem to be serious anyway considering she has already joined Ryan and Bentley on a family trip. I’m not sure just how long the two have been seeing each other considering the first I’ve seen of her has been this past week.


It’s interesting timing also, Maci and Ryan never seem to be single at the same time and as he enters into a new relationship it’s rumored that Maci is ending hers with long distance boyfriend Taylor!

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