Leah and Jeremy Calvert’s Family Portrait

Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert met up with photographer Jasmine White over the weekend to take some family portraits with all three of their gorgeous little girls. (Ali and Aleeah Simms and the couple’s new addition Addalyn!)

These portraits capture their country style, all taking place outdoors and with everyone wearing cowboy boots! According to Jasmine the session went very well, writing in her blog:  “The shoot was fun and laid back and the girls did absolutely wonderful for such a long day of driving, playing dress up and having photos done.”  In fact Leah says that these are the best family portraits that she has ever had done. (Wow! That’s coming from someone who had a shoot with USWeekly!) Speaking of magazines some of these photos will be featured in InTouch and Life & Style Magazine! Leah’s hair and makeup were done by stylist Leslee Pannell who was ecstatic to work with her. “It was refreshing to see Leah as a person and not a TV star. I’m an even bigger fan now then I was before. She truly was inspiring.” Leslee wrote on her facebook page.


Check out Jasmine Rose Photography to see more photos from the shoot! Also on Facebook.

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