Chelsea Handler Mocks Farrah Abraham

When comedian Chelsea Handler got wind of Farrah Abraham’s rather interesting ‘Days of Our Lives’ audition tapes, she just couldn’t help herself! She took to her popular late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, to tell the world that Farrah Abraham “is a much better actress when her mouth is full.” OUCH!


Another speaker on he show goes on to joke that you can hear Sophia screaming in the background and that if she were her baby she would be screaming her head off too!  Chelsea also brings up the infamous quote Farrah recently gave about feminism “does that mean you’re a lesbian or something?” Click here to watch the clip of Chelsea Handler tearing into poor Farrah Abraham!

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  1. Farrah Abraham is a disgrace! She realized she couldn’t live the way she suddenly thinks she wants to. Couldn’t get a real job so she did the next best thing, fell to her knees. Now that she can do!

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