Leah Calvert Buys Her Sister a Car

Leah and Jeremy Calvert are fortunate enough to bring in a generous income, thanks to Jeremy’s dangerous and high paying job. These two aren’t afraid of showing it off either! Leah revealed via twitter that Jeremy makes $19,000 a month! (That doesn’t include Leah’s paychecks from MTV which are rumored to be $60K plus a year) Since getting married they have bought a home, a truck, an SUV for Leah, had a child and are actually in the middle of selling their home to buy a new one. Even through all that they still have plenty of money to take care of themselves, Leah’s twin daughters and the daughter they had together and STILL buy this extravagant gift for Leah’s sister’s birthday.


Leah tweeted: “Happy Birthday to my Brat Baby sister! @VHM_2011 I love you, and I hope you’re happy with this!” Because yeah… no big deal… Leah’s sister Victoria responded on twitter saying: “Thank You sis. I Really needed it & appreciate it more than ever! I love you so much! Best sister award goes to you! #blessed”

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