Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Arrested for DUI

NATHANJust yesterday Nathan Griffith (Jenelle Evans’ current boyfriend) was going on and on about his Godliness on The Real Teen Mom Talk Live. He also talked a little bit about Jenelle’s drug use and their drinking habits. He said that he never drives drunk because he has already gotten a DUI once before and has learned his lesson… Then he proceeded to get drunk and drive around.

Nathan was arrested a little after 2am this morning (Sept. 7th) for, and get ready for this:
Driving while intoxicated (which he claims he never does), Driving on a suspended license (Did I mention he told TRTMT that he had a valid license?), Driving on the wrong side of the road, Speeding, Disobeying a police officer, and resisting arrest.


What does Jenelle have to say about all this? (Sigh) She has jokes and doesn’t seem concerned in the least bit. At least not from what she’s been saying on twitter anyway.  According to her random PR account: “Lots of rumors and speculation going around.  @PBandJenelley_1 and @GroundLevelUp were pulled over in their driveway.  Not everything is as it seems.” I’m sure Jenelle and Nathan have some sort of “explanation” for why Nathan was arrested but the bottom line is that he shouldn’t have been driving on a suspended license in the first place let alone while drunk and he shouldn’t have resisted the arrest.

Jenelle bailed Nathan out and is now tweeting about cooking him dinner and pretending nothing happened.

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