Katie Yeager Suffered a Broken Nose From Ex-Fiance Joey Maes

Katie Yeager and Joey Maes got engaged and moved into a nice new apartment in the recent episodes of Teen Mom 3, but a lot has changed in the year or so since the first season was filmed. Katie and Joey fought constantly and eventually Joey was (allegedly) caught cheating and their relationship ended. What we didn’t know was just how toxic their relationship was.


Joey was physically abusive to Katie according to a source from RadarOnline. On more than one occasion he hit Katie with his fists, even allegedly breaking her nose at one point.  While Katie may have fought back with words she never physically fought back, and she didn’t press charges against Joey either, to save her daughter from being in the middle of it all.

Joey and Katie finally parted ways for good. “He was punching and throwing things around the house while Katie was moving out,” claims the source. Adding that Katie has learned her lesson she and Joey exchange their daughter Molli in public places so they are never alone together.

In the Teen Mom 3 Season 1 trailer we get a little preview of some of the vicious fights to come on the show. The incident in which Katie filed a police report was not caught on film. (Which is probably for the best.) Teen Mom 3 airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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