Nikkole Paulun’s Getting Breast Implants

nikkolepaulunNikkole Paulun has been in the Teen Mom news quite a bit lately for a controversy over her most recent pregnancy. According to her close friend she faked the entire thing including a tragic stillbirth for money. One of the theories behind this was that Nikkole wanted to fund breast implants… sure enough Nikkole is in fact getting breast implants this week, just 6 weeks after her alleged stillbirth.

Nikkole took to her sulia account to announce the news stating: “There’s been a few articles going around about me getting breast implants. No, I have not got them BUT I am. I’ve had money saved up for years and decided to spend it on something that would make me happy. I’m not going all crazy and getting DD’s. I decided to go with a C cup.

It seems odd for her to want to be anywhere near a hospital after such a tragic event in her life has taken place such a short time ago… then again all of Nikkole’s behavior since her stillbirth has been odd. She was seen at an outdoor festival in a bikini having a blast just days after the incident was said to have taken place.  She was also tweeting away on twitter as if nothing was happening to her. The whole situation is rather strange and the story is still developing. It’s been reported that the baby’s father is taking Nikkole to court to find out the truth once and for all.


  1. Good for the “baby’s” father! I hope he outs her! This is disgusting. Who makes money off of the supposed STILL BIRTH of their child (which would be so incredibly traumatizing for me and I doubt I would be partying or tweeting through it!), and then turns around and gets breast implants less than two months later? Effin despicable. You’re sick Nikkole. Rather you really had that baby and are acting this way or you made it all up, your effin sick.

  2. does this dumb twat really think that anyone will believe that she has been “saving money for years” for a surgery that she happens to have just 2 months after she “miscarried” a child and then sold the story to raidar online?
    great planning on your part Nikkole. this bitch should be sterilized !

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