wwwI think it’s pretty clear at this point that “Teen Mom” turned Porn Star Farrah Abraham has no shame. Farrah got naked for cameras yet again to create molds of her vagina and breasts that will be turned into Farrah Abraham sex toys. Farrah also looked at some other types of adult toys as well during the process. Radar Online has the exclusive footage of a very excited Farrah Abraham talking about her new line and getting the molds done!  Here is a list of epic quotes from Farrah’s trip to sex toy company Topco Sales:

“I’m taking sex symbol to a whole new level today.”

“I’m gonna have a whole new sex line… people are gonna jack off to me…This is crazy”

“Oh my God this is like sex land… treasures… the naughty land.”

“The thing about the rabbit… I have one at home, but it’s also like the anal part on it, the anal parts are never like long enough.”

“I kind of feel like a kid in a wet diaper right now.”