Amber was incarcerated with a five year prison sentence for probation violation and failure to complete her drug rehab program in June of 2012. The ‘Teen Mom’ star turned herself in and asked for the full sentence in order to save her life. Amber has now completed drug rehabilitation while in the big house and obtained her GED, that along with good behavior has allowed her to get an early release! Amber is set to leave prison in early November of this year! (2013)


The Ashley broke the news earlier today and it was further confirmed when Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood made a statement on Amber’s Facebook Fan Page:  “Possibility of a media uproar so I just want to be the first to say before it is heard in the tabloids that Amber will be released soon. She has done everything required to be released long before the five year sentence. Congratulations sis, and I know that you will do everything we talked about. You now have control of your future and from what I know it looks bright.

Amber has sacrificed the last year and a half of her life in order to get clean and back on track. She’s worked hard and done everything she needed to while there. Lets hope that Amber keeps up the good work when she gets out!

Congratulations Amber!