Teen Mom 3 Baby Daddy Behind Bars!

‘Teen Mom 3’ star Briana Dejesus asked her child’s father Devoin Austin to just stay away in a recent episode of the show. Looks like she was right in doing so considering Devoin can’t keep himself out of trouble! Devoin was arrested again this month on September 24th in Kissimmee Florida when he violated his probation. He was on probation due to a drug arrest earlier this year.


As reported by WetPaint “Devoin violated his probation by failing to complete 20 hours of community service, failing to make payments that he owed to the court, and getting charged with burglary and possession on September 1.”

Briana reacts to Devoin’s arrest by tweeting: “Gonna send Devoin a picture of Nova…hope he’ll sit there for how ever long he’s doing time for and reevaluate his life w/ that photo!”

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