Jenelle Evans Claims She’s Been Clean for a Year

As everyone knows, around this time last year Jenelle was battling an addiction to heroin with her then boyfriend Courtland Rogers. She claimed to have gotten hooked on the drug with ex boyfriend Kieffer Delp but kicked the habit in November cold Turkey. (Which I don’t even know how that’s possible but however it happened she did quit)

Fast forward through her short-lived marriage with Courtland, an arrest for possession etc. Now a year later Jenelle is claiming that she has been clean for an entire year. “The end of next month will be a year clean !!!!” she tweets. Jenelle obviously doesn’t count smoking weed or drinking considering how open she has been about doing both… she even spent 2 days in jail recently for testing positive for marijuana. Can she really be so proud of being clean when she hasn’t been?


Lets just go ahead and get the whole “weed’s not bad for you!” “it’s just weed who cares?” and “everybody does it!” comments out of the way now. I may agree with what people are saying when they start spewing these comebacks but lets be real… when you are a recovering heroin addict, a bi-polar one at that, drinking alcohol and smoking weed are probably not the best idea. Alcohol makes you do incredibly stupid and dangerous things… (like let your drunk boyfriend drive you home in the middle of the night on he wrong side of the road.) And lets face it… weed is illegal where Jenelle lives. She doesn’t have custody of her son and is constantly trying to convince the world that she is on he straight and narrow… why not just stop smoking weed? If you can quit HEROIN cold turkey… why not just stop hittin the bong? Just sayin.


Lets talk for a minute about ex hubby Courtland. He is out of jail right now and has to take multiple random drug tests a month which he has been passing! Courtland seems extremely happy and is constantly talking about how wonderful it feels to be sober. Jenelle on the other hand is on the internet trying to take him down. Jenelle posted a few poor quality videos that are supposed to “prove” that Courtland is not sober… despite the many drug tests he is required to be taking. Courtland says that he and Taylor Lewis (his daughter’s mother) set up fake videos that they were going to try and sell to make money for their daughter. (A trick no doubt learned by selling stories with Jenelle all the time.) The videos don’t show much and like I said it would be hard for him to get away with being on heroin while taking random drug tests. So why would Jenelle be concerned anyway? She should be living a happy and somewhat sober life with her new boyfriend Nathan so why concern herself with what her ex-husband is doing?

In any case it is awesome that Jenelle stopped doing heroin and didn’t let it completely ruin her life. Assuming she has been clean from the heroin all this time I will congratulate her for that. However I can’t really agree with her boasting about sobriety when she clearly isn’t.

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