Taylor Halbur Speaks Up About Her Relationship With Adam

Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind and his girlfriend Taylor recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, but their relationship wasn’t perfect. The two had broken up during Taylor’s pregnancy but worked things out before baby Paislee was born. Now there are a lot of rumors going around that the two are broken up. Chelsea fans seem to be foaming at the mouth waiting for these two to fail but it looks like that isn’t happening any time soon.


Taylor finally spoke up today when a fan asked her the following questions on Ask.fm: “Are you and Adam together? Is Chelsea allowing Aubree to see the baby? Is Adam at least there for the baby?”

Taylor: “Adam and I are perfectly fine in our relationship. Aubree has seen Paislee only once. The first couple weeks were a little rocky but he is here for Paislee now and will continue to be. He loved both of his daughters very much.”

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