Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3 Stars Twitter Feud Over Addiction:

To make a long story short… Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband Courtland Rogers was recently getting sober from a bad heroin addiction but then tweeted to the world that he had a relapse. Which happens, we’ve all seen Jenelle relapse while trying to quit smoking weed. Well it didn’t take long for Jenelle to hop on social media and start blasting the guy for it. I have to give him credit, he at least told the truth and admitted his mistake, something we don’t often see from Jenelle.

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Enter Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann, in case you are not familiar he is Alex Sekella’s ex/ baby daddy who has also struggled with heroin addiction. Matt tweeted “Talking shit on someone who has relapsed doesn’t make you a better person. #justsaying”

He’s got a point. Here is what happened next:

Jenelle: Matt I kno this but he has been to rehabs since he was 16…

Matt: For some people its a life long disease.

Jenelle: he is a very toxic person and physically abusive. He needs all sorts of help.

Matt: all I’m saying is if you relapsed, do you think it would help if all these people talked shit on you? You’re supposed to be a role model..

Jenelle: nothing will help him but HIMSELF now and clearly he doesn’t want any help.

Matt: I know a guy, whose been to twelve different rehabs and it doesn’t stop him from trying

Jenelle: yeah but leaving rehab to go home and get high… Isnt trying at all

Matt: I’m not saying what he did was right but can’t you be the bigger person?

Jenelle: I am a role model… I’m sober, he isn’t…. Point blank. Now done discussing my POS ex

Does Jenelle have any room to talk in this situation? She’s made it clear she has nothing but hate for Courtland so it’s not like she is worried for his well being or anything. What do you think?

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