Kailyn & Javi Beach Day Photo-Shoot!

Kailyn and Javi are about to welcome their first child into the world and have been happily married for the past year. They recently had some quality family time with Isaac in Rehoboth Beach, DE where they had another perfect family photo-shoot.  Having been to Rehoboth myself I can tell you it’s a beautiful place for family photos. Much nicer than some of the nearby tourist trap beaches and boardwalks! The talented Kate Hendrick has worked with them before and seems to be their go-to photographer. Kate writes in her blog “It was a great time spending the day with Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac, and photographing them before little Marroquin enters the world.”


The day started out in an arcade on the boardwalk where Kailyn, Javi and Isaac played classic games like ski-ball. After that they hit the ice cream stand. “Since it’s impossible for him to turn the cute off, Isaac pushed Kailyn and Javi’s heads closer together in a photo and kept saying, ‘Kiss! Kiss!’ I thought my heart was going to melt right out of my body!” Kate wrote. After getting Ice cream and Italian ice they headed to the beach for the rest of the shoot where they fed the seagulls and dipped their feet in the ocean. It seemed to be such a beautiful day for this little family! See all the photos and read more about Kailyn, Javi and Isaac’s day at the beach here.

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