16 & Pregnant Star Pregnant Again: “I really regret being on MTV”

16 & Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke is pregnant with her second child and is hoping for a little boy this time. The news however she regrets sharing online. She took to her facebook account to express her frustration about all the attention it’s getting. “Its ridiculous that I can’t put one thing out there about my life without someone making a million fake accounts of me and letting the whole world know my news -___-“


While many look at being on 16 & Pregnant as a great opportunity the fact of the matter is that the only girls benefiting greatly from being on the show are the ones that were picked to continue to ‘Teen Mom.’ The girls who appear only on 16 & Pregnant got a few little payments and an hour on tv. Their lives have gone back to normal for the most part. (Some of the girls continue to soak up as much of the spotlight as possible. I’m not gonna name any names but I bet you can guess!) So it’s not really surprising that Felecia says: “I really regret being on MTV worst mistake ever.

Felecia is currently going through the normal stress and struggle that comes with being being a teen parent. I wish her the best of luck!

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