Amber Portwood was released from prison early today and greeted by her mother and of course an MTV crew! That’s right! News broke earlier today by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Amber is filming a special with MTV about her release. Amber’s ex Gary Shirley and daughter Leah have already been filming and Amber’s father was even flown out to welcome Amber home courtesy of MTV.

Amber looks happy and healthy in the footage captured by TMZ as she gets prepped for filming. In the video she talks about her experiences behind bars and what she hopes to do now. “I feel amazing.” She happily stated. She says that she will get to see Leah and have her tonight! She did not want to comment on how often she got to see Leah while locked up. When asked if she will receive joint custody of Leah, Amber replied, “That’s the goal” and she seemed confident in her ability to make that happen.


Amber earned her GED and has been helping other inmates. “I was teaching anger management, which sounds weird but I did, among other things.” she said with a smile. Amber plans on going to college now that she has her GED.

So does Amber feel confident that she can stay on the straight and narrow and keep her life together? “Absolutely.