‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy

srgaetrstyhMackenzie and Josh had a rocky start in their relationship but have since been doing very well. The two were married earlier this year and decided to have a second child. Mackenzie has type 1 diabetes and was advised by her doctor to not put her body through another pregnancy. Going against the doctor’s advice Mack got pregnant again. She’s more than halfway through her pregnancy now and decided to open up about her struggles on facebook:

With all that I’m going through in life right now I have been up tell at least 5 a.m. every night usually crying myself to sleep and begging God to make things better. I knew it wasn’t good for the baby so I asked the doctor for sleeping medicine and he gave me some and sometimes they knock me right out sometimes I’m still up stressing and crying. When they do knock me out my blood sugar will bottom out which suffocates the baby and I can’t wake up to eat. I havnt been hungry in forever and usually forget to eat two meals a day. I’ve lost 5 pounds but my stomach is growing by the hour. I’ve reached my breaking point scared to bring a baby into this world with what’s going on. With all the praying I don’t understand why God would put me through this. I don’t do drugs I work I don’t party I just live for God, my husband, and my kids. I gave up cheer for them which was my dream. I don’t think I can handle much more.

Not only has she had serious health problems during this pregnancy but she also had been in a physical fight as well (with another girl), in which she was dragged across the ground on her stomach. I’m wishing Mackenzie and her baby well. That little one is a trooper.


  1. Pregnancy is hard girl. I had gestational diabetes with all four of mine children and I am not comparing it to type 1 diabetes. But I was on insulin and have to check my sugar on average 7-10 times a day. You are halfway there and you got to stay strong for your children . You can do this . Healthy baby vibes /remaining of the pregnancy. I was diagnose late with type 1 after all my pregnancies .

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