‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood hasn’t been out of prison for a month and already has dramatic rumors swirling about her. Despite all the positive steps Amber is making there are people out there still trying to cause problems. According to a source that spoke with Star Magazine Amber is broke and preparing to make her own sex tape because she’s oh-so jealous of Farrah Abraham’s success.

My very close (and very reliable) source tells me that this is all a bunch of crap. Amber is not broke by any means and the talk of her making a sex tape is absurd. Amber was actually approached by Vivid Entertainment (the company that ‘bought’ Farrah’s sex tape) a long time ago but refused to do porn, no matter the large sum offered to her. Portwood is actually doing quite well for herself these days. She’s rocking a more sophisticated look, and has big plans for her future, helping others who face addiction. Amber has been accepted into college and is in the process of signing up for classes.

As far as Farrah is concerned in this “feud” she hasn’t said a thing about it. In fact Farrah has had nothing but supportive things to say about Amber in interviews even when she was slamming the other Teen Moms.