Gary Shirley and Girlfriend Split

Gary Shirley has had a girlfriend for the past nine months that he kept pretty private. Things seemed to be getting more serious when Gary tweeted a photo of the promise ring he bought for her. Stating: “Promise ring baby to my Girlfriend 1 ct, This is an engagement ring, but I bought it as a promise.

Fast forward two days and that tweet is gone and replaced with ones about his girlfriend’s betrayal. According to his tweets she had actually been dating someone else while they were together. “Give a girl a promise ring after 9 months of dating find out she’s in a relationship w someone else after she said she broke up w them fuck! …the sad thing is I believed everything she said haha damn! Told her she should act!  Leah really liked her that’s what tears me apart! I’m single and hopefully I find a girl in the future.

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So is there any chance of Gary and Amber getting back together? According to him not at all. “That ship sailed!


  1. Well just to let u all know u all feeling bad for Gary is really pretty stupid cause he started seeing a girl that was already married and he knew it I know cause she is my sister in law Kristina so I know what all the facts are so quit feeling sorry for the fat bastard

    • And no the have not split up that was just an excuse to get everyone to leave them alone they are still together

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