‘Teen Mom 2’ Returning in January!

ok_050613-teen-mom-2-season-4MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ is back! According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup the fifth season is to air on or around January 20th 2014! That means Chelsea, Jenelle, Leah and Kailyn will be gracing our television screens with their presence once again for what I think will be one of the best seasons yet. Not only will the season feature the first second pregnancy of the Teen Mom franchise with Leah but we also have Jenelle’s crazy dramatic antics to look forward to, along with Chelsea finally finishing up school and Kailyn starting her life with Javi!

It’s unsure whether or not there will be a sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ but I have a feeling this season will focus on bringing us some closure on their stories. It really feels like a good place to stop, leaving a sort of “happy ending” feeling for all the girls including Jenelle who I’m pretty sure will end the season with her relationship with Nathan. (While I’m not sure he is the greatest guy on Earth he is certainly the best guy that she’s dated. Jenelle is even getting Jace every weekend now.)

So fans, now you can look forward to starting the new year with a new season of ‘Teen Mom 2!’

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