Leah and Jeremy Calvert’s Marriage in Trouble?

Leah-Messer-Jeremy-CalvertLeah and Jeremy shocked fans when they got married so soon after a very rocky start to their relationship. Leah bounced from Corey to Jeremy to Corey to Jeremy again and then married him right away. The two have already have a daughter together, which means that while Jeremy is away 6 days a week for his job Leah is left at home with three little girls to look after. Jeremy makes a good living at his demanding job and Leah was well aware of his work schedule when they got together and when they decided to have a baby. Now it looks like it may be hitting her exactly what that means. According to a source that spoke with Teen Mom Truth Leah is miserable, and while she loves their daughter and wouldn’t trade her for the world, she is very lonely and miserable”.

Leah and Jeremy reportedly fight a lot over Jeremy being away so much. Leah wants him to find a job close to home with a less demanding schedule but that would most likely mean giving up the large income he has. Not too long ago Leah and Jeremy were boasting on twitter about the fact that he makes $19,000 a month. While I think that may be exaggerated a bit, I think it’s pretty clear that he makes a lot of money just from looking at their lifestyle. When I spoke with Jeremy’s ex-fiance last March she told me that she had the same problem with his work schedule, she wanted more time with him but he wanted to make the money. So it seems plausible to me that Leah and Jeremy could be fighting over it now, especially when I think about the fact that he is probably missing out on a lot of his new daughter’s life.

The source also says that Leah started tweeting nice things about her life to cover up all her cryptic and depressing tweets she’s been making, since fans started to question her marriage. So what do you think? Is rushing into marriage and children catching up to Leah?


  1. I’m sure the 19000.00 per month is NOT exaggerated if he works on the pipeline. My husband also works on the pipeline as an Inspector and he makes that kind of money.

  2. A quarter million dollars a year salary for someone without a college degree…sounds reasonable to me:)…I think everyone should do away with law school and medical school and lets just go up there get dirty on the pipeline:)

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