Teen Mom 3 Officially CANCELED

It’s official everyone, MTV’s newest Teen Mom show has been canceled. Teen Mom 3 will not be returning for a second season. I’m both surprised and not really surprised at the same time if that’s possible. Creating another Teen Mom show was pushing it, most fans felt that enough was enough, but they did it anyway. I figured that since MTV is currently filming season 5 of 16 & Pregnant that they would be moving forward with TM3. Unfortunately for Kate, Briana, Alex and Mackenzie that wont be happening.

Teen Mom 3 Canceled

The girls found out yesterday and began tweeting their disappointment. Briana and Alex both agree that the show was canceled due to lack of drama and the fact that MTV just wants “train-wrecks.” I disagree with this. I don’t think the show lacked drama, I think MTV lucked out with their first 2 casts. I firmly believe that people wanted a TM2 simply to see what happened next in certain girl’s stories. Not to be completely rude by saying this but… no one was asking for a TM3. Alex tweeted: “Yes no more teen mom 3. Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well #relieved”

As far as drama goes the TM3 Season One Reunion Special was the most “Jerry Springer” of them all which will certainly go down in Teen Mom history. Unfortunately people just were not that interested in the stories this time. While these girls were more “average” Teen Moms they certainly didn’t lack drama.

I’m sure we will see a Farewell Special of some kind in the future or at least a “Where are they now” sort of thing, but that’s it guys! The end of Teen Mom 3 has come. Are you disappointed that Teen Mom 3 is ending?


  1. Honestly, I love the show! I really hope MTV reconsiders filming teen mom 3. I love all of you girls! You’re amazing!

  2. I wanted to see more with Mckenzie, but this group of girls are just so immature. They were just annoying as heck to watch. I would literally yell at the tv at these stupid girls.. And she thought she wasn’t a train wreck? Smh.. Alex did nothing but scream and flip out, she acted as if her life was just miserable. Katie did nothing but cry like a baby and bitch/nag constant. No wonder her man left, he couldn’t take it anymore. She wasn’t appreciative of anything. Heck I would have loved it if I could have stayed home with my son, while my bf worked long hrs and provided for our family. But she didn’t see any of that, all she seen was when he spent some of his hard earned money on his self. Mckenzie was just young and stupid lol but I did like her a lot. I won’t even get started on Brianna. I feel sorry for her though. She is just pathetic.

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