Confirmed! Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again!

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

It’s official people, Jenelle Evans is having another child. It was confirmed earlier today by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup: “Jenelle is pregnant and MTV knows all about it. In fact, they decided to prolong Season 5 filming after they found out so that her pregnancy can be included in the upcoming season.” The Ashley’s reliable source also says that Jenelle and boyfriend Nathan Griffith have been trying to get pregnant since the summer! According to In Touch, “Jenelle has only told her closest friends and a few people in her family… but is scared of all the backlash from haters who still judge her for not having custody of her son, Jace.” I would assume the same could be said for Nathan who currently does not have custody of his two year old daughter. Jenelle further confirmed the pregnancy by tweeting: “Spread around my business, yeah I’m def going to delete and block u. Peace motherf***er.” Needless to say she isn’t happy about the news getting out.

Jenelle is still legally married to Courtland Rogers who is currently in prison for heroin charges. She and Nathan recently moved from Myrtle Beach, SC back to NC closer to Jace and Barbara. It’s also being said that Nathan could be facing some jail time for a recent DUI. Other than that, Jenelle and Nathan seem to be staying out of trouble. This is probably the longest Jenelle has been in a relationship that hasn’t had a major public meltdown. Do you think Jenelle has changed for good this time? Could this be her second chance at motherhood?


  1. lord i hope so! maybe its both of their second chances. if they raise they baby well, no problems and prove there obviously good parents (which one could argue she already tries to when shes with jace) one would think they should both be able to get back custody of their kids. either way congrats to them and hope it doesnt end in disaster

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