Farrah Abraham – Girls & Corpses Magazine Spread

Farrah Abraham has never been afraid to express her sexuality as we all know… and that’s exactly what this spread in the December issue of Girls & Corpses Magazine is all about. I know this because like a freak I can’t stop myself from buying everything and anything Teen Mom related and I just HAD to see this, so I went ahead and bought the magazine. I love The Walking Dead and all but this magazine is even a little bit too weird for me. It’s basically just hot chicks posing with dead bodies…. However the purchase was worth it because there is a long article about  John Waters in it (score!) that I plan on reading as soon as I’m done writing this.

Farrah Abraham Girls & Corpses

So Farrah’s got over 10 photos that take up 9 pages of the magazine, including a centerfold, and yes you perv she is clothed in all of them. The theme of her spread is “Farmer’s Daughter and Barn Door Mom” which is so funny to me because I don’t think she’s a country girl in the least bit. She’s quoted saying “I’m a farm girl born in Iowa. I can milk a cow, pluck a chicken and squeeze a tomato.”  ……

The photos are of Farrah posing in various sexual ways on this dead guy and playing with melons and a cob of corn… of course being a straight woman I find the quotes to be the best part of this whole thing. I’m not going to spoil all of it for those who plan on reading it themselves (I’m not even going to give you the best one because… omg… it’s her talking about her sex tape and I find it too risque for my little Teen Mom blog.) but here is one that I liked: “A reality show is reality, just edited the way the production company would like to deliver it to the masses… It’s crazy that the press calls me a ‘porn star.’ Everyone knows I’m a reality star. Duh!”

Oh and this one too: “I want to improve the world as much as possible while I’m alive. I am proud to be a part of American values.”

Want this copy of Girls & Corpses Magazine?? You can order it HERE.


  1. This is wrong and this bitch needs to get a real job and stop bein a fuckin whore. There r lil girls and women that unfortantly look up to her. I think she is doin better then teen mom janelle but shes also doin alot of dumb shit. Ugh smh

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