Pregnant Jenelle Evans Arrested

Just when things were starting to look up for ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans… she gets arrested again. Jenelle is currently pregnant with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith, who she says she has an awesome relationship with. The two even have their names tattooed on themselves. However it looks like their fights may be just as dramatic as Jenelle’s previous relationships.


Jenelle Evans was arrested Saturday Dec. 14th 2013, around 6pm after kicking Nathan Griffith out of the house. A neighbor spoke with In Touch stating: “Jenelle must have gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, and locked him out of the house. He was banging on the door, and someone must’ve called the cops. They showed up soon after and Jenelle was originally hesitant to let them in. When she finally opened up, they went inside and next thing you know she was being brought out in handcuffs.” According to the public information officer she was arrested “on a charge of Breach of Peace and has been released on bond.

Jenelle took to twitter not long after being released to tell her side of the story. “lmfao me and Nathan weren’t fighting she made it all up, Nathan voice is loud and he walks around outside to talk on the phone” Apparently Jenelle’s neighbors have been harassing her for a long time about her dogs.. “the cop told me to go and press charges for harassment cuz she said those neighbors call at least 3 times a week for BS.” She also posted to Facebook this morning: “I hate my Fucking life. I want to move far the fuck away where no one could ever find my location… God dude…” That seems like a bold statement just over your neighbors being jerks. There is one thing that doesn’t make sense about all this to me. If Nathan was the one outside talking loudly and being a disturbance… why was Jenelle arrested? Whatever the truth may be about the situation… I’m just happy she wasn’t arrested for something worse this time.

UPDATE: According to more information about the incident has been released. Apparently the police were called due to “a man and a woman  were yelling profanity outside the home.” Nathan informed the police that he was locked out of the house by Jenelle. He then told them he would take his dog for a walk to let things cool down, so the police left… but were called to come back soon after due to more yelling. Nathan allowed the police to come inside but Jenelle locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t cooperate. According to the police report, Jenelle later walked outside to her car where she was yelling profanities in a “high pitched voice.” An officer advised her to stop yelling while outside, so when she continued yelling she was arrested for breach of peace. Jenelle apparently also told the arresting officers to “go ahead and arrest” her, and that she would “just get right back out of jail.

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