Meet Katie Yeager’s New Boyfriend!

Katie Yeager's Boyfriend‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Katie Yeager has found love again! Meet her new boyfriend Mathew! First of all can we say hottie? Yes… He’s a single dad who works as a Flooring Installer at Lee’s Floor Covering Installation and Service. Matt is also an MMA fighter who is proficient in muai thai and a blue belt in brazillian jujitsu. He’s got nothing but sweet things to say about Katie too. He writes on his facebook wall “I’m wondering how I got so lucky. It amazes me that I fall deeper and deeper for you everyday.

These two have only been together for a few months but they seem to very deeply care for each other already. Mathew seems to be a recovering addict according to his facebook, but thanks to Katie it looks like he has found the strength to stay clean. “In the past month, I have found that certain someone. I look at her and I see a future, I see the absolute epitome of everything I could ever want in another person. She would tell me constantly that she’s nothing special, but to me, she is perfection personified. I have my sobriety, my friends, my amazing family, my incredibly intelligent and absolutely amazing son, and lastly, I believe I’ve met the love of my life. Thank you to all of my nearest and dearest, and above all, thank you to my love. I had lost faith in love and was losing it in humanity in general. I’m not only blessed, but so thankful and the luckiest man in the world

I’ve also concluded from my internet creeping that this guy really cares for his son and spends a great deal of time with him. He doesn’t look too far off in age to Katie’s daughter Molli. Katie has a good head on her shoulders and goals for her future, I trust her judgement and people and I get good vibes from this guy.

So… Congratulations guys! All the happiness.

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