VH1 has released their super trailer for Couple’s Therapy Season 4!

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy

In the preview Farrah Abraham shows up to the house without her boyfriend who supposedly just didn’t show up. Most of Farrah’s portions in the video are of her calling this guy over and over and saying that she has no idea why he didn’t come. There are however a few moments that were worth talking about. First of all it looks like there definitely will be some drama between Farrah and the other cast members. The L Word‘s Whitney Mixter and Sara Bettencourt are seen watching Farrah’s sex tape on the computer and discussing her “full on porn star” performance. Dr. Jenn Berman and Farrah discuss the tape while Farrah continues to insist she is “not involved in porn.”

Now for the most shocking Farrah moment in the trailer… Dr. Jenn gets emotional while talking about Farrah, saying “The things that Farrah shared with me are some of the most horrific things I think I’ve ever heard in my life as a therapist and that just made me respect her so much.”

Watch the Season 4 super trailer here. Premieres January 2nd and 9pm on VH1.