Jenelle Evans Hush Hush on Baby Names

Jenelle Evans is about 4 months pregnant now with with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Despite some fights here and there, and even an arrest due to one of them, the two seem to be doing well. Lets face it, fights with Jenelle about the smallest things can be quite a dramatic event so I’m going to reserve judgement until I see how these two are together on the show. That being said it looks like they are doing great and Jenelle seems so much happier lately than she has been in a very long time. (And more than the fake cover-up kind of happy that we have seen before. It really does seem more genuine.) Jenelle has also been spending a ton of time with Jace lately which is always great to see.

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

According to Jenelle’s twitter feed it looks like she and Nate have picked out baby names already for their new bundle of joy. They wont be revealing them just yet though. When a fan asked if they picked out names yet Jenelle replied: “Yes we do but it’s a secret for now.” I don’t expect the names to stay a secret for the whole pregnancy but you never know! So lets try to guess for now!

What names do you think Jenelle will choose for her bun in the oven?

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