Adam Lind’s Girlfriend Says He’s Grown Up

Despite a recent report from ‘Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska that Adam “hasn’t changed at all” his girlfriend says he has grown up quite a bit and that she couldn’t be happier with him. Chelsea says that Taylor and Adam are “off and on” and that they hardly see Aubree.

Adam Lind Teen Mom 2 Aubree Paislee

Taylor took to instagram to express just how much he has changed: “Right now in my life, at this very moment in time, I could not be any happier. Not only do I have a beautiful baby girl who I could never imagine my life without.. but I also am blessed to have this man in my life. I’ve never seen someone grow up and overcome obstacles the way he has within these last few months.. than I’ve seen someone do my entire life. We both have had struggles within our relationship but those struggles have made us stronger and brought us closer. He has saved me in more ways than I ever imagined a person could. We will still have our differences and even argue from time to time.. but in the end the love we have for each other will remain. I love him and he is mine.

Chelsea also let it slip that there will be some flirting between she and Adam in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ which makes me wonder if she’s still jealous of Adam and Taylor’s relationship. I certainly hope that Season 5 isn’t all about her pining over Adam and flirting with him and crying about him because (I’m sorry but…) we’ve seen enough of that.

Here are some pics of Adam, Taylor, Aubree and Paislee!


  1. Funny part about it no where in that Instagram message does she talk about Aubree no she isn’t hers but I feel if she love her she could have mentioned her too.

    • But then you’d have tons of crazy Chelsea fans saying she’s not Chelsea’s mother so she has no right to mention her and blah blah blah

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