Farrah Abraham Slams Taylor Armstrong For Talking About Her On Bethenny Frankel Talk Show

Farrah Abraham Hates Taylor Armstrong

I know that Farrah isn’t everyone’s favorite ‘Teen Mom’ and there are a lot of reasons for that but… I can’t help but love seeing and hearing all the crazy things she says and does. Especially when you put her in a house with ‘Real Housewives’ drama queen Taylor Armstrong. Watching season 4 of ‘Couples Therapy’ so far has been pretty epic. It’s like these two are fighting to be the most outrageous on the show and it makes for some great mindless television. If you haven’t been watching I’ll tell you pretty much what is going on: Farrah is being Farrah and as expected people aren’t reacting well to her… especially Taylor who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks of her. In last week’s episode the cast went bowling and Taylor was drunk and REALLY offended that Farrah ordered her dinner before everyone else so she then started making fun of Farrah for the work that she does. I mean say all you want about Farrah but she does at least TRY to be successful in ways other than collecting checks for her sex tape. Whether or not her ideas are very good is pretty beside the point. (Like her new plans to write 3 erotic novels… and a Christian parenting book…)

Since the episode aired and Farrah got to see the little interviews from the cast who were talking about her, she had a lot to say about Taylor’s drunken comments. She fumed even more after seeing Taylor on Bethenny Frankel’s (cough-mediocre-cough) day time talk show; on which Taylor went on and on about Farrah calling her a liar and blah blah, basically all the things that pretty much everyone says about her. So Miss Farrah took to Keek to vent her frustrations! Here is what she said: “This is a show for women by women, but we only want to take the best woman on Couples Therapy who is trying, and is hard working and doesn’t lie, and just doesn’t really want to talk to alcoholics on the show. So thank you Taylor for saying your piece. I don’t need to lie, nor do I want anything to do with you. So, thank you for talking about me on your own special, I really appreciate it. And keep my name out of your mouth.” Ouch.

Taylor did admit on Bethenny that she drinks a little too much and has used it as a crutch in the past. She also admitted that she got completely drunk during the bowling outing… which is why later that night she went storming through the house screaming at the poor assistant lady about the heat being on in her room… Did I mention you should be watching this show because it’s freaking hilarious.


  1. Oh wow, I need to watch this! I don’t live in USA, so I’m not sure if it will be on TV here, but it certainly seems like a good laugh! 🙂

  2. Dear god does Farrah look like a caricature of her former self. She’s bordering on Cat Lady scary with that appearance.

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