Jenelle Evans Admits To Not Telling Husband Courtland Rogers About Her Abortion

There seems to be a lot of confusion going on about Jenelle and the number of pregnancies she has had so I will once again break it down for you. In about January (possibly February I honestly can’t remember) Jenelle was pregnant with Courtland’s baby and suffered a miscarriage. She became pregnant again by Courtland in the spring/summer of 2013, that is when she decided to have an abortion. Courtland was in jail at the time (He was actually just released recently). Now Jenelle is pregnant with her boyfriend Nathan’s baby that she plans to keep.

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers Abortion

Now that you are all caught up lets go back to the pregnancy we will see in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ This is the pregnancy that she aborted. As it turns out she never told Courtland that she was going to have an abortion… he found out after being released from prison when he saw the trailer for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (Yikes) He immediately took to twitter stating: “WTF !!!! I had to find that s— out from a freaking Teen Mom 2 commercial???” Then he deleted the tweet. Why he deleted it I have no idea.

Jenelle admits that she didn’t tell him about the abortion but she figured he would figure it out when she didn’t pop out a baby. “I think he just wants a sob story. He just wants people feeling bad for him,” she told WetPaint. “Like, ‘Oh, poor you! Jenelle didn’t have your baby!’ He doesn’t even take care of his own daughter.

While I get completely why she shouldn’t have had a baby at that time especially with someone who was a heroin addict and in and out of jail… I still think she probably should have at least let him know what she was doing. It does seem just a little bit cruel to not even tell him at all. Then again there are rumors that the baby wasn’t even his, but that’s neither here nor there. Jenelle is the only one who knows the truth and she must have had a reason for not telling him. What do you think? Did Courtland deserve to find out this way?

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