Kailyn Lowry: “They Say I’m A Crunchy Mom!”

Kailyn Lowry NYCFor those who may be unaware there are these somewhat new terms floating around that categorize moms to be either “Crunchy” or “Silky.” (Personally I think the whole thing is stupid because no one can be 100% one or the other and do we always need to label each other??? Anyway…) A “Crunchy” mom is someone who goes the more natural route, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, placenta ingesting, home birthing etc. A “Silky” mom is someone who uses disposable diapers, formula feeds, buys jarred baby food etc. I would consider Kailyn a good mix of the two but in a recent interview by theStir Kailyn was referred to as a “Crunchy” mom, I guess because she breastfeeds (which the majority of moms are doing these days) and because she had her placenta encapsulated. (If you don’t know what that is PLEASE google it and read the benefits because it’s actually a really good thing to do for your body after birth.)

Kailyn was relieved to learn the definition of what a “crunchy” mom is and elaborated a little bit on her plans to breastfeed during the interview: “I breastfed [Isaac] for one month and I kind of just gave up, but this time around, I’m eight weeks strong and I’m still going and hopefully it continues.” She also wants others to consider breastfeeding and placenta encapsulation because they are both things that she has learned more about during her most recent pregnancy that she didn’t really know much about during her first. “If nobody takes away anything else that I send out message-wise to the audience, I really hope that they do take that away. Whether you’re 35 or 17, I hope that they will maybe not learn from my situation but say, ‘Oh, she breastfed? Let me try it,’ or, ‘Oh, she did the placenta thing? Let me look into it.'”

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