‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Calvert’s Husband Threatens Her With Divorce!

Leah Calvert Teen Mom 2 divorceEver since the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5 Trailer hit the web rumors have been swirling like crazy that Leah and husband Jeremy Calvert are headed for divorce. Leah even admitted in a recent interview that he threatens divorce all the time.

In the trailer Leah is talking on the phone and says “He said he’s going to file for divorce tomorrow.” Ah the suspense! We will be seeing some fights between the two this season mostly about Jeremy’s job. He has to be away from home 6 days out of the week! Leah insists that they are not getting a divorce though, at least not yet…

I know I’ve been asked and asked and asked about divorce. It’s just something that he threw up and he does it all the time and even thought it’s not a good thing to bring up divorce. Eventually, I tell him, it will happen, and if you keep throwing it up, it’s like the little girl who cried wolf, you can’t keep bringing it up — he doesn’t mean it when he brings it up.” Leah told theStir.

She continued stating: “The whole thing with us arguing was about work and stuff like that, but we’re fine. I don’t think we’ll ever, ever get a divorce.” While I get why she would be upset that she only gets to see her husband for a handful of days out of the month… she knew exactly what she was signing up for… and she knew what his job was like when she decided to have a child with him. If Leah thought she wasn’t getting enough love and attention in her first marriage she’s got to be having a heck of a time with her second considering how little time she spends with her husband. “He’s still working on how to show me attention as well as work. To me it’s really hard when they’re working out of town. I hate it.


In order to fix the issues she and Jeremy are having in their marriage Leah has decided to seek counseling but it wasn’t easy to get Jeremy on the same page. “He thinks of people that go to counseling as filing for divorce tomorrow and I try to explain to him that’s not the case. We’re just doing it to build our relationship stronger. I want our marriage as strong as it can be. He finally agreed to go and I think it would be great for us.” Leah told WetPaint.

Do you think Leah and Jeremy will last?


  1. I think they will divorce she is very attention seeking and needs to be the center of attention all the time so yes i see divorce in the fiture…

  2. Jeremy better show her some attention or she will go get it elsewhere…(Robbie) see what happened when Corey stopped showing her attention and having sex with her..

  3. Leah I want you to know that I think you’re the greatest mother. You are doing great. I feel you should be Mother Of The Century. 😊

  4. i think they have to be happy and talk about there problems but alsoo find finaly a solution, then they gonna be OK

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