Kailyn Lowry’s ex Jo Rivera is getting more and more serious with long time girlfriend Vee. Kailyn found out via her son Isaac that Vee recently moved into Jo’s house. Kailyn says: “There’s a little bit of drama with that.

Jo Rivera Teen Mom 2

During the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 4 Reunion Special we got to get to know Vee a little better. We found out that she is actually a pretty sweet girl. She even worked with children and explained that she knows what is appropriate and what’s not. She would never put Isaac in a bad situation. All she has wanted from the beginning was for Kailyn to give her a chance but Kail had her mind made up. She just doesn’t like or trust Vee. Even when Dr. Drew tried to get Kailyn to open up her mind about the photo that surfaced featuring Vee smoking weed. It turns out that the photo was a few years old and that Kailyn herself used to smoke weed before she got pregnant with Isaac. She couldn’t see the hypocrisy in judging Vee over an old photo of her partying.

In a new interview with WetPaint Kailyn reveals: “I’m way over it. Looking back on Season 4 I kind of realized how immature I acted about it. I still have the same feelings that I did, but I could have went about it a little bit better. And now I’m way over it, and he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do regardless.”

Even though it looks like Kailyn has (for the most part) made peace with the fact that Vee could be a permanent part of Isaac’s life she still wont let go of the fact that Jo and Vee party sometimes… “I wouldn’t go as far as saying I trust her, but I trust Jo’s judgment where I don’t think that he would allow anything in his house.” Kailyn said in reference to her being worried about illegal substances around Isaac, “He wouldn’t put Isaac in harm’s way.


Since being with Jo Kailyn has moved on, found love, gotten married, had a second child and moved out of state… I’m hoping she gets over this whole hatred of Vee thing. At first I think it was mostly jealousy and Kailyn doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who easily admits when she’s wrong… but who knows, they could end up friends one day… maybe.