Leah Calvert’s Daughters Love Miley Cyrus

Twins Teen Mom 2

I have such a love hate relationship with Miley Cyrus. I admit I do find myself singing along in the car whenever ‘Wrecking Ball’ comes on despite my feelings about the music video… I like some of her music but I really hate her attitude and the way she is carrying herself onstage and in public. I certainly wouldn’t want my (if I had any) daughters looking up to her in any way. ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert doesn’t seem to mind though. She recently tweeted: “My daughters are obsessed with @MileyCyrus .. They are just too damn cute! #SorryNotSorry I love them so much!” It may be cute now that they try to sing along but hopefully they find more suitable role models when they get older! The same goes for Chelsea Houska and her adorable little one Aubree. She recently shared a video of Aubs singing one of Miley’s tunes!

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