VIDEO: Jenelle Evans at Doctor Appointment – Hear Her New Baby’s Heartbeat!

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans had a doctor appointment today to check on the little bun in her oven. She decided to share a little video with fans on her new ‘Teen Mom’ blog called “Teen Mom Truth.” (Which has more to do with her personal opinion of things than it does the truth… I mean.. allegedly, I’m not sure that she has come out and said that it’s her site but it’s pretty much about her and in favor of her. 16 & pregnant girl Ashley Salazar and another girl write the posts.) Anywho, Jenelley is about 4 months along now and due on June 29th. She’s being very open about this pregnancy and giving out a lot of info which Leah nor Kail ever did. I always thought it was due to their contracts with MTV but I guess there is no controlling what Jenelle does so I’m sure they just gave up on that! As I recently reported Jenelle and Nathan are planning to name their baby either Kaiser (which I think is pronounced like the roll) or Lydia (which is a name I actually love so lets hope it’s a girl!).

During the video you can hear the baby’s heartbeat and then a voice that I’m pretty sure is notorious Tori saying “Get ready Jenelle” and then Jenelle responding “yuuup.” Watch it below:

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