Farrah Abraham Takes on Balance Challenge in Couples Therapy Bonus Scene

In last week’s episode of ‘Couples Therapy’ Farrah’s roommates discovered her sex tape and even watched it! Unfortunately to make room for that drama they didn’t air the group challenges. In this bonus clip you see Farrah learn to stop underestimating herself and trust herself by crossing a balance beam way up in the air. Dr. Jenn tells her, “you’ve walked the balance beam of life and you’ve had a few falls. I want to see you get through this on your own.

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy

Farrah makes a hilarious joke before climbing up to the balance beam, saying to her roommates: “I’ve never climbed a pole…” Once at the top she gets really scared and does the whole crying thing. I used to think that cry face was fake but I think it might just be her cry face. Not all of us can be pretty cryers I guess.

Farrah makes it across the balance beam with some motivational cheering from her roommates! Awe. Click here to watch the bonus clip.

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