Farrah Abraham Wants to Have a Son

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy

‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Couples Therapy’ star Farrah Abraham recently sat down for a new interview with E! News where she talked about her time in the ‘Couples Therapy’ home and her ongoing feud with roommate Taylor Armstrong. Farrah explained that she is more aware of her mistakes in love and she’s less likely to repeat those mistakes in the future. She’s learning to be happy with herself while she’s waiting for Mr. Right. The interviewer asks if she ever wants to have more kids and Farrah responds “of course!” She says that she looks forward to having a son one day. (If she could choose anyway!) I thought it was pretty interesting because I don’t recall Farrah every expressing interest in having more kids and more specifically having a little boy.

Don’t expect Farrah to be running out and getting pregnant any time soon though, she knows enough to stay safe and prevent that from happening right now in her life. I’m sure she wants to have a child with someone that she marries first and can raise that child with… but if you are still concerned Farrah was spotted recently buying a boatload of condoms while the paparazzi conveniently watched. She really wants us all to rest assure that she’s being safe while she’s getting it on… a lot apparently!

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