Video! Farrah Abraham at Grammy Pre-Party

Farrah Abraham Grammys

Farrah Abraham was lucky enough to attend the OK! Magazine Grammy pre-party last night where cameras were all over her! In the video below Farrah is shown on her way into the party and on her way out. Even though Farrah seems to love being famous and getting attention from the media she was very upset about all the cameras and people in her face. She used vulgar language way more than a lady should and didn’t really thank anyone for their compliments.. more so just agreed with them. It’s rather disappointing. (Farrah’s part of the video starts at about 1:20) She also has a friend tagging along behind her that she doesn’t really speak to or acknowledge at all, so sorry we don’t know who she is.

Another interesting thing about the video… Farrah’s words against Vivid entertainment. Referring to her sex tape as “sh*t” and saying “f*ck Vivid, no one should be watching that sh*t.” Yes she is referring to the same sex tape that she has been shamelessly promoting at porn expos and strip clubs, that she also makes royalties on.

Where is Farrah’s PR? Has no one told her the usual things that you are supposed to say when people ask you uncomfortable questions about these things? Less is more girl! When you start throwing around obscenities and bad mouthing companies and causing a scene you are giving everyone what they want. The less you say the more likely it will be that people wont ask you about it anymore.

PS: Joanna Krupa your dress is insane. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it but we are all shocked by it that’s for sure!


  1. Listen to your own words about attention, she won’t hold back because she thrives on that attention.

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