Pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ Star Rushed to the Hospital!

15462786076428692901371997380303n-1389629719Mackenzie Douthit of ‘Teen Mom 3’ was advised by doctors to not put her body through another pregnancy because she is a type 1 diabetic and has a hard time controlling her blood sugars. Mackenzie wanted another child though, so she is currently pregnant with a baby girl and having a very hard time due to her illness.

Mackenzie’s mother tweeted this morning: “At hospital with Mic! Trying to stop low blood sugars. Hoping to keep baby girl in for at least another week!

According to RadarOnline Mackenzie has been very unhappy with the medical care she has received from her doctor who has ended up dropping her as a patient. She posted to her facebook this rant about a doctor and his staff being very unprofessional to her.

To go on a little rant as everyone knows im about to have a baby girl and as everyone also knows im a brittle type1 diabetic and very high risk pregnancy. that being said I have to see a diabetic specialists along with a regular baby doctor. The nearest one was a guy named doctor Thomson in joplin. My first visit I was sick and running a little late and told them I wasnt feeling good and the lady said ‘well your Twitter says your going to the fair tonight so your lying’ so I ignore it and go on to tell her I have a lot of trouble with my disease and I eat VERY healthy and still have to take a lot of insulin and her reply was ‘I don’t believe that’. So I go one and continue to see him and her and multiple times I’d tell them my sugar dropped even when I ate and what they could do to help and they told me and my mom both ‘that’s a lie, she didn’t eat’ so about two months ago the lady calls me and says I need to take more insulin and I kindly said ‘I can’t take more my sugar is dropping and im eating a lot’ her reply ‘your a liar cause two weeks ago your facebook status said you didn’t have a appetite’…. I asked her to please just help me out with my disease like a doctor should and please stop stalking my fb and twitter. She than starts yelling at me along with three others in the background saying they can look at my social media if they want. And then put doctor thomson on the phone to tell me they are dropping me and won’t see me anymore. I rushed to my moms work crying and she called and they hung up on her and sent us a letter saying they dropped me. Ok is it me or is that very unprofessional? ?? Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok because they did this and I have no diabetic care. Anyways please pray for me and baby girl.


  1. Unbelievable! They can not base your care on your social media updates. Keep all evidence and call a lawyer.

  2. Im agreeing with the other ppl that commented as well seriously hire an attorney bcuz they definitely are way out of line to treat and talk to you like that.

  3. As a medical assistants I am telling you to get an attorney this is illegal for them to do. I hope all goes well with you and your daughter praying for you and please keep us u

  4. This doctor has no business offering services to anyone, let alone a very pregnant type 1 diabetic young girl, who obviously is doing what she is supposed to. She looks healthy to me! Get a lawyer and start a petition if you have the proof. That is awful!

  5. get a lawyer! the way you feel can change in a split seconded so who are the to judge and furthermore where in the world did the go to school to practice medicine. shut them down fast. best wishes for you and your baby girl hope all goes well and you both don’t have any complications

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