Farrah Abraham Reveals She’s Been “Drugged and Raped”

Teen Mom and Couples Therapy star Farrah Abraham has dropped a major bombshell today. She revealed in an interview that has a very dark past in which she was abused. She also revealed that she has been drugged and raped multiple times in her past.


This is most likely what is going to be revealed in the upcoming episode of Couples Therapy in which Dr. Jenn Berman is brought to tears by Farrahs confession. From InTouch:

In the new issue of In Touch, Farrah, 22, exclusively reveals, “I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the type of people into my life,” she says, adding that after the release of her porn movie­, she booked appearances at strip clubs and porn conventions that put her in unsafe situations. “It was a very dark time.”

She doesn’t give many details on the topic of her being raped but she does go on to talk about how badly her parents abused her when she was growing up. They allegedly left bruises, welts and scars on her. Tune in to Couples Therapy to see what else emerges Thursdays at 9pm on VH1.


  1. And then you would have bitched about her being a welfare mom! No matter what she does, people are going to hate her. Judgmental assholes!

    • So you support a narcastic whore who places her own desires ahead of everyone else’s including her own child’s? Let me guess, you see a lot of yourself in Farrah don’t you?

      • Um no asshole. I see nothing of myself in Farrah. I had a completely different background in life. I am a 50 year old woman who married my daughter’s husband and my daughter is raised and a nurse now. I just don’t think that Some dickless wonder named Joe Chicago has the right to go around judging everyone else. What’s your history? Let’s put your shit on blast and see how your history will hold up to millions of viewers? Let me guess, you can’t find a woman so you hate all women don’t you?

  2. its sad ppl judge her so bab.she may be sayn truth.plus regardless of who u r u do not dezerve to b raped or abused…whore or not its fucked up and ppl that say shit like that should b slapped.

    • It’s been proven, she was not raped or abused. Those are serious accusations and when people wanted to take action on what she had no problem talking about, it was discovered she just used that for attention and sympathy. Then if you follow anything she has done, you notice a pattern of contradictions or lies which she then starts to treat as the “truth”. She’s pathological. As for your comment on people who say that stuff…you are the one who should be bitch slapped and frequently.

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