Farrah Abraham Admits to Lying About Her Sex Tape:


In last nights episode of Couples Therapy Farrah struggles to explain why her sex tape story doesn’t make any sense and finally some light is shed on the topic. “I want to tell the truth” Farrah pleaded to her co-starts but it turns out that she couldn’t… due to the “huge contract” she signed with Vivid Entertainment. This mysterious contract has a tight hold on Farrah so she can’t spill the details on what really went down with the making of the tape. It also has given Vivid the right to come out with a SECOND video which will be released February 13th.

While I disagree with a lot of things that Farrah says and does including making this deal in the first place… I can clearly see that it’s eating away at her and she seems genuine in regretting it. Basically she gets constant hate and ridicule for lying about this tape and she just has to shut up and take it. She can’t tell the truth or even really defend herself and now more footage from her time filming it is about to be released, which she has no control over. From the way Farrah was talking on the show, if she breaks her contract with vivid and tells the full truth, all it will do is make her lose everything she has. I can assume that vivid would sue her for everything. It would not only screw up her life even more but also Sophia’s future as well.


  1. Oh please, like Vivid would have her under some contract saying that she can’t talk about the tape? BS. They don’t care, they just want the end product.

  2. I have never seen ONE tear drop fall down from her eye during her whisper crying. Not one…..ever.

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