Farrah Abraham Jenelle Evans

Looks like the feud between Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham is far from over! For those that don’t know Farrah recently made statements about Jenelle’s current pregnancy, advising her to get her life in order and know what she’s getting into. (Farrah also wished her luck and happiness.) Jenelle fired back insisting that her life is much more in order than Farrah’s and that Farrah isn’t a good mother. (Neither of these ladies should probably be saying any of this to each other… talk about throwing stones.) Now Farrah is firing right back. 

Abraham told radaronline: “I don’t even know Jenelle, but I will say this girl is obsessed with being negative towards me. I have no patience for it. I’m a grown adult, great mother and maybe she should just take some notes.” On Jenelle saying that Farrah needed to get “her own house in order” Farrah says “All I can say to that is my house is very much in order. If she would like to come over and see what she would like to live up to, she’s more than welcome to come over.

Jenelle’s current boyfriend Nathan Griffith also got in on the feud posting to twitter: “Taking advice from @F1abraham is like taking advice from a prostitute who sucks d**k for crack. Shut the f**k up!” Farrah’s response to that comment was simple, “You know what? I really don’t pay attention to white trash

Yikes! Who do you agree with in this situation? Should EITHER of these ladies be saying these things? Are you team Jenelle or Team Farrah?