Farrah Abraham SLAMS Jenelle Evans!

Farrah Abraham Jenelle Evans

Looks like the feud between Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham is far from over! For those that don’t know Farrah recently made statements about Jenelle’s current pregnancy, advising her to get her life in order and know what she’s getting into. (Farrah also wished her luck and happiness.) Jenelle fired back insisting that her life is much more in order than Farrah’s and that Farrah isn’t a good mother. (Neither of these ladies should probably be saying any of this to each other… talk about throwing stones.) Now Farrah is firing right back. 

Abraham told radaronline: “I don’t even know Jenelle, but I will say this girl is obsessed with being negative towards me. I have no patience for it. I’m a grown adult, great mother and maybe she should just take some notes.” On Jenelle saying that Farrah needed to get “her own house in order” Farrah says “All I can say to that is my house is very much in order. If she would like to come over and see what she would like to live up to, she’s more than welcome to come over.

Jenelle’s current boyfriend Nathan Griffith also got in on the feud posting to twitter: “Taking advice from @F1abraham is like taking advice from a prostitute who sucks d**k for crack. Shut the f**k up!” Farrah’s response to that comment was simple, “You know what? I really don’t pay attention to white trash

Yikes! Who do you agree with in this situation? Should EITHER of these ladies be saying these things? Are you team Jenelle or Team Farrah?


  1. Lmao I LOVE Nathan’s comment.
    Maybe Jenelle IS finally ready to be a mom. Who knows. But with Farrah who can’t quit making porn and partying…what kind of example is she setting for Sophia? MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING FARRAH

  2. Janelle is at least attempting to get her shit together and it appears to me that she is doing a great job so far. I root for Janelle.
    Farrah needs to stop acting like shes the hottest thing on tv. Shes not.. she had a small gig on a documentary and she was even out shined on that by the other moms. Shes a fame and money hungry dummy. Theres more to life than making pornos and going on shows accusing people of beating, drugging and raping her as a last ditch effort to save your 15 minutes of fame. I know I would hate to know my mother was so desperate for fame she made a Pont. She may not think about it now but her child is the one who’s going to have to live with the embarrassment of her mothers bad choices for the rest of her life.

  3. Im on jenelle side she has gotten her crap together to get jase back she has a great man in her life. She is making wiser and smarter choices now. I praise her for that farrah on the other hand makes porn for a living has an issue with lying about having boyfriends and is not showing a good example for her daughter to be following with this bullying she does to people. Farrrah acts like she perfect and she not and all that plastic surgery makes her look like crap so step off and leave jenelle alone

  4. i am team jenelle she was not doing good at fist but now she has a good man and is getting her life to gather unlike farrah she need stop partying and be a mom really farrah grow up clean behind your won back door befor you come to someone elses back dooe really

  5. If either of them was actually a “good mom”, they wouldn’t have time to be arguing electronically and alerting every move they make to a world that doesn’t care. Put down the cell phone! Pick up a book to read to your child!

      • I’m to where I can almost not stomach this new season of Teen Mom 2 anymore. Almost every Janelle segment shows her nearly breaking her arm patting herself on the back – while she’s at the beach (without Jace), getting her nails done (without Jace), hanging with friends (without Jace)… etc, etc. And though we’re spared Farah on a weekly basis, I HOPE that whatever shenanigans she’s is up to, her daughter is far, far away. Do either of them have a clue how important just being with their kids is to their social and emotional health and well-being? Obviously not… (Gratuitous photo ops don’t count!)

  6. Isn’t it funny that the two most fucked up girls on teen mom has the two most fucked up mom’s, actively in their lives, hoovering over them, making their lives worse!!!! Barb and whatever Farrah’s mothers name is.

  7. Even tho I really don’t like Farrah anymore, at least Farrah has custody and always has, Jenelle doesn’t give a shit about jace, I absolutely hate Jenelle , so I’m gonna have to go with Farrah on this, everyone keeps saying Jenelle has changed and I really would love to know how, no one can answer that. She’s still not fighting for custody, she’s married and pregnant by a loser that has no job, she uses jace and this new baby as a cash cow. She’s constantly on social media bashing other ppl. She just had an abortion four mo. Before her and mongo planned this pregnancy, she didn’t abort that baby for jace, otherwise y would she think its OK for jace only 4 mo. Later???? She was just arrested not that long ago. I don’t see one ounce of change in her and its laughable when I hear ppl say that she’s changing lol. I don’t know if there’s any help for Farrah but, like I said at least she’s not a junkie who gave up custody to get high, she just wants to be a porn star.

  8. I take it as ^^ is/wants to live that porn life?!
    Back the fuck up bitch you don’t even know either of them!

  9. I’m sorry but what example is Farrah giving her daughter by bein a porn star to catch something and maybe die..? How is she gonna explain tht to her daughter.. Janelle has a good man by her side not like the other idiots she dated tht brought her down and continued getting her into drugs. Its not always about money and its never to late to change. Team Janelle

  10. It’s pretty obvious on who one this I mean look at the photos they used. Jenelle looks beautiful and like she has her life sorted out on the other hand Farrah looks like a crazy person. She has done porn but keeps denying it. I feel sorry for her daughter that has to live with this fame craving maniac

  11. Farrah is a whore. I hope she gets an std her daughter prob follower her dumb mother. Jenelle has turned her life so well! IM so proud. Farrah you need to get help tired of seeing your fake face every day

  12. How stupid, they both are for real obviously and noone sees that jennell leaves jace at the drop of a hat for any man, almost every episode a new guy, jace sees it too, pretty sad, imagine the issues he will have. If she really changed she wouldnt be making rash decisions, by hookin up, and getting pregnant again, she would be focusing on jace!!! For the love of god wonder whos going to be cleaning up this mess??!! And I dont even want to get started on farrah!! Team not jannelle or farrah!!

  13. I’d like to see a mother who hasn’t made mistakes. Why can’t they drop it? It looks to me they are just trying to take this spotlight off of their own poor judgments. Unfortunately, this catty behavior is all too common among young females. Come on ladies, give it a rest! Instead of kicking each other while were down, let’s extend a hand up & support one another. God knows raising children is hard enough without hypocritical criticizing your every misstep.

  14. My opinion is Janelle has way more right to speak than Farrah does here’s why…..The past is the past all that matters is that Janelle learned from her mistakes and moved forward in life. She presently is a great mother, doing very well for herself. As for Farrah honey money, fame, (fake) looks, a big house and fancy things doesnt mean you have your house in order by NO MEANS. You have disrespected your mom, dad and many others with your rude outbursts more than anyone has, Ive never seen a thing you do set a “good example” for your child and let me tell you Im not judgemental when it comes to one choosing to work in the sex industry IF they can do it with class when children are involved but you honey are far from classy, actually your white trash! Idk Nathan real well but he is from my hometown and went to same school. I know enough about him to know hes far from white trash. Your rude outbursts rather on the show or on Twitter just make u look like an a$$ and keeps proving to all just how trashy you are. I believe your very Jealous of many of the teen moms. You need to focus on Sophie before her life is ruined because mark my word when she becomes an teenager/adult she will go down the wrong path due to her psychological issues from being raised by you and gaurantee. You rarely have her, all you care about is traveling, money and fame. Take the future to actually be a mom, a mom is much more than a provider and someone whom makes sure she has everything materialistic a mom shows love, cooks 3 meals a day, cleans the house herself, spends one on one time daily with their child, fixes her boo boos, doesnt miss a school play, doesnt miss gymnastic practice or competitions, she reads to her kids, takes them to the park, is there for them in every aspect possible, she protects them from harm, she teaches them how to love, how to respect others and how to be a woman nit by words by actions…..I mean lets be honest for just one moment farrah would u truly be happy if Sophie talked to u the way you do your parents? , treat u like the same dirt you do your mom and can u truly say youd be happy for her to say hey mom Im a porno star now! Dont Lie!

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