Teen Mom 3’s Briana Dejesus Has a Problem with the Houskas??

Chelsea Houska

Teen Mom 3’s Briana Dejesus has no problem expressing her opinions on twitter and she recently made a bit of an a** out of herself when she made a comment about Chelsea Houska. Briana is no stranger to distasteful tweets so this really wasn’t a surprise but slightly comical considering it made absolutely no sense. 

Katie Yeager (who tweets loads of hilarious things all the time) was tweeting about autocorrect messing up her tweets and ironically autocorrect had messed up her tweet ABOUT autocorrect. Randy Houska being t he funny guy he is pointed that out to her which for some reason caused Briana to say “are you one to talk? Especially with a daughter like yours?”  …. um. The tweet has since been deleted but the damage is done. What exactly is Briana saying about Chelsea here?


Randy responded to Briana’s tweet by saying, “no idea how that could have been misunderstood, but now I see true colors.” It was probably surprising to Randy that Briana would say something like this because the cast of Teen Mom 2 and 3 did actually meet and there didn’t seem to be any issue between Chelsea and the other girls.

Briana seems to be ready to attack the Teen Mom 2 girls at the drop of a hat, not long ago she misunderstood a tweet from Jenelle Evans and flipped out on her. Jenelle was tweeting about a girl named Brianna that used to date her boyfriend Nathan. Briana thought it was about her and went off and didn’t let up even after realizing her mistake. Could this all be resentment due to the fact that Teen Mom 3 was canceled after one season and Teen Mom 2 could very well be going on to a sixth?


  1. So are we just pretending that Jenelle isn’t a huge piece of trash that STARTED IT, or what?

    “Reporting,” nice job.

    • Uhhhh Jenelle has made many changes in her life. What makes you so high and mighty that you feel that you could call her trash?? And how did she start anything?? Clearly Briana is just extra sensitive because her ass isn’t on tv anymore. She needs to grow up.

  2. Briana is just made bc teen mom didn’t air on tv bc it probably sucked and know one cares cares about new people on teen mom and it wouldn’t be as interesting. I have watched teen mom since day one. I love Chelsea and jennelle they have just went threw hard times there r probably more good than bad times in there life. They don’t air every moment of there life. Jennelle is an over achiever and Chelsea is a sweet and great mom. So Briana can’t stfu.

  3. Briana has no right to takj about anyone I like her she was a sweet girl but everyone has something there not proud of. Jenelle is doing very good for herself she is clean and sober she loves her child(ren) and she is working on being a better person. How can anyone change themselves if the ppl around them are always so negative and so rude and hurtful?

  4. Briana really needs to clean her own back yard before she worries about anyone else I don’t like her need to get her off there she’s more worried about dating anyway. She needs to worry about her life instead of others get off social media cause she’s drama causing issues that don’t need to be started.

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