MTV’s “Being Amber,” “Being Catelynn,” and “Being Farrah” Specials!

Earlier today I reported that Catelynn Lowell’s Teen Mom special called ‘Being Catelynn’ was announced for February 23rd. Well according to my television that night will not only feature Catelynn’s catch up special but Amber and Farrah’s as well!


First up a rerun of Maci’s special at 7pm, then Farrah’s at 8pm, Catelynn’s at 9pm and Amber’s at 10pm! If you just can’t wait for all this awesome original ‘Teen Mom’ awesomeness you can watch Maci’s special here.

UPDATE: The specials will run at 2 separate times on the 23rd, the line up will start at 11am ending at 3pm and then again at 7pm ending at 11pm! Thank God because I did not want to miss the Walking Dead.


  1. Watching the episode of Being Catelyn ,and I’m not happy about how their dog was being yelled at ,and then pushed off the bed! Animals are a gift maybe you both should not own any or learn patience on how to treat an animal .Dobermanns are wonderful dogs ,and love to be with their owners ,and will protect ,love be loyal till the end.

  2. Farrah should not treat her parents so badly! I think she is obnoxious and conceited! Thats not being a good role model for her daughter! How would you feel if your daughter treated you like that!

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