Jenelle Evans Admits to Smoking Weed While Pregnant in Text Messages to Friend:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant (2)

I’m sure this post will spark a lot of debate about whether or not smoking weed while pregnant is dangerous but I’m sure most would agree that smoking anything while pregnant probably isn’t the greatest thing to do. Especially when it’s illegal and could get you into a heap of trouble. Double especially if you have the kind of track record that Jenelley does!

That all being said, recently Jenelle’s best frienemy Tori and her boyfriend Josh allegedly sold some screen shots of text messages Jenelle sent talking about smoking weed. “We can smoke and chill on a huge f**king blunt lol” one text read. The source claims that Jenelle has been using weed to ease her morning sickness. They also claimed that Jenelle’s boyfriend encourages her to drink while pregnant.

When the text messages emerged on RadarOnline Jenelle took to her sulia account to say: “Once again, I am extremely disappointed in someone who is supposed to be my best friend. Sometimes when people need quick cash though, they will stoop to any low to get the money. The events that are being reported didn’t even include me, and I was in my room doing homework. Thankfully, my family, and true friends know the truth. I’d never do anything to put the health of my baby in danger, and Nathan wouldn’t either.

Jenelle then posted some interesting things to twitter:

Jenelle Evans tweets

I’m not sure what exactly went down with Kailyn all I see on her twitter is her saying “My fault for the tweets. Should have texted Jenelle instead of going on here. Definitely wasn’t thinking.

Do you think Jenelle is telling the truth?

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  1. this right here proves what we already know about Janelle she will never change. She only cares about herself. Grow up hun.

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