Vivid to Release a THIRD Sex Tape Movie of Farrah Abraham?

Farrah Abraham Porn 2Part of me really wants to believe that Farrah regrets making these sex tapes and that she isn’t lying about being in a bad place etc. etc. Unfortunately the more that comes out about all this the more confused I am by her. Farrah has been saying that she did not want a second sex tape to be released, but she’s still raking in the royalties from her first tape.

According to TMZ Farrah received her quarterly payment just last month, Vivid sent her $93,927.72 for the last quarter of 2013. Apparently that isn’t even the biggest payment she has gotten from royalties either. She was also paid a good 6 figures to shoot the films with porn star James Deen.

Now that Farrah’s second tape is out there a source from Vivid is saying “Expect a third one.” Look out world, the Farrah sex tape craziness isn’t any where near over.

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