Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie & Josh McKee Were Robbed!

Mackenzie Teen Mom 3

Mackenzie and Josh have been through quite a bit together and recently welcomed their second child to the world. Sadly yesterday their home was broken into and a good number of things were stolen, including all of their new baby things and clothes. Mackenzie’s mother posted to Facebook:

So saddened today, but not destroyed! Josh and Mic were robbed. The idiots took all of Jaxis new baby clothes, all of her baby items, high chair, bath, swing, etc… they took all of Josh and mics Christmas clothes, lamps, hunting items, washer and dryer, and had everything boxed up ready to come back and get the rest. I mean EVERYTHING! I know these people need Jesus and lots of prayer. I am just sad that they took the babies things and Gannons toys. REALLY! If you have any information about this, please let us know. We want these people stopped.

Sending prayers and good vibes to the McKee family and hoping that these criminals are caught!


  1. The washer and dryer!?!?! Where were Mackenzie and Josh that these scum had the time to empty out their home while they were gone; and don’t they have neighbors that saw something amiss? Something just doesn’t make sense. So sorry the arrival of Baby Jax had to be dampened by such low lifes. Thank God they have family close to help get them through.

    • Same thing Happened to me when my Children were Babies. Washer, Dryer, fishing Poles, Vcrs and All the Movies, my Son’s antique car Collection, Toys, Stereo system, Everything! I Lived on the 3rd Floor, in a Block. I was Staying at the Hospital with my then 2 Year old Baby boy who Had a “Bug” In his Foot that Could have Killed him. 2 Weeks we were There. It Was the “Uncle” of my Children on the father’s Side.

  2. Wow this is just so sad. What has our world come to? I can imagine how angry you are, but at least No one was hurt. Who steals a washer and dryer tho? That’s a little strange and I agree with the other post where were ur neighbors? Someone had to see something. Well at least it’s just martial items that can be replaced good luck and my prayers are with u.

  3. They were out of town it says on their facebook fan page. I’m not sure where they live but some people don’t have neighbors. The live in a small town were it is hard to even walk to a neighbors house because they are so far apart.

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