Adam Lind in Serious Car Accident

Adam lind

Teen Mom 2 Star Adam Lind is known for reckless driving and receiving multiple DUIs that have landed him in jail in the past. Sadly it seems that he has finally gotten into a really bad accident. According to the local news in Sioux Falls Adam was allegedly speeding and collided with another car. The accident left his car engulfed in flames.

“Investigators say that 23-year-old Adam Lind was driving a Corvette eastbound on 57th Street at a high rate of speed. He collided with a westbound Lincoln that was turning left onto Southeastern Avenue.

The Corvette ended up off the road and started on fire. Lind was pulled out by a witness.” –KSFY

Adam was taken to the hospital to get checked out but did not sustain any life threatening injuries. The report doesn’t say anything about Adam being under the influence so for now we are assuming he was sober but speeding.

It was also reported that “the driver of the Lincoln, 87-year-old Donna L. Fodness and her passenger, 94-year-old Orval E. Fodness were transported to Avera McKennan Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.” Thankfully no one was seriously hurt or lost their life in this accident. More details as they come.


  1. This kid doesn’t know when to quit. He has TWO CHILDREN and still acts as immature as a 12 year old. It’s so pathetic. When will he grow up? Never. He should go to jail and stay there. Loser.

  2. It’s about time he loses his license! I for one would not let him drive around with my child in the car, in fact I would not get into a car with him driving.

  3. First of all bad choice!!!! Second we all have been young and dumb so get over his parenting! Third I hope he learned from this and considers it a lesson, and a second chance from God! Could have been alot worse and hopefully hes learned that now…

  4. He doesn’t have a license and HASNT had one. Why is he always driving on these episodes and why is Aubree allowed to ride with him? He’s a total loser, btw.

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