Kailyn Lowry and Family Film at Jo and Girlfriend’s House

What!? Kailyn and Vee visiting civilly? Kailyn was up in arms when she found out that Jo and his long time girlfriend Vee moved in together but it looks like they could be putting the past behind them. Kailyn took Isaac and baby Lincoln to Jo and Vee’s place today with a camera crew in tow.

Kailyn Lowry Vee

“We all came to Daddy & Vee’s today!” Kailyn posted to instagram with a photo of her 2 adorable boys and some camera guys. Teen Mom 2 Season 5 is done filming and the reunion has been shot so they are either filming for Season 6 (let us pray) or some farewell sort of things like they did for the original Teen Moms.

Whatever’s going on I hope it’s good and I hope that Kailyn and Vee are finally getting along!

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